Continual Improvement

We believe in research investment and continually assess our engineering works to bring improvement wherever possible.

As part of our design procedure we operate a robust analysis and checking regime to rationalise designs and reduce redundancy in structural systems.

We have developed the resources and experience to overcome difficult party wall conditions with a wide range of underpinning techniques. We can offer a bespoke PynWall solution to combine both underpinning and retaining functions whilst negating the need for costly and time consuming extensive temporary propping works.

With the widest range of mini and restricted access piling techniques available, we can combine temporary and permanent piles with our PynColumn technique to provide support throughout the construction process and to suit the client’s superstructure program requirements.

New columns, structural steel, reinforced concrete elements and underpinning structures can be pre-loaded to limit the possibility of differential movement and associated damage. We have developed techniques specifically for these applications.

We aim to refine engineering solutions to fit the requirements of the project through engineering diligence. Retro-fit basement construction requires good engineering judgment to marry empirical knowledge and experience with the design approach to realise design economies.