Basements Guarantee

As founding members of ASUC, all our structural works, including design, workmanship and materials are covered by a 10 year insurance backed guarantee. This insurance is issued directly to the property owner and is fully transferable. The guarantee can be included with the plans and specifications in the proposed Vendor’s Pack and is a positive asset when selling a property.

Our Directors are an integral part of the ASUC organisation with both our Phil Jones and Lewis O’Connor involved with the ASUC executive and co-writers of two ASUC publications on the safe and efficient construction of basements and underpinning.

The main benefits of ASUC BIG Guarantees are:

  • Indemnity policy.
  • Remains in force even if the issuing company fails.
  • 10 year term.
  • Covers ALL the contract works and defects in workmanship or design.
  • Can include waterproofing if that section of the policy has been incepted.
  • Up to 25% of the contract sum is insured for consequential losses.
  • Alternative accommodation is covered for up to 26 weeks.
  • Contract sum is index linked.
  • Can be passed to any subsequent owner of the property.
  • Available on domestic and commercial property.

The aims of ASUC are:

  • To promote high standard of workmanship and expertise;
  • To promote professional and technical competence;
  • To promote and maintain a positive standard of quality control;
  • To make a positive commitment to training and take all necessary steps to ensure that all operatives and staff receive correct and continuing training in all relevant aspects of their work;
  • To ensure that members operate a fair and reasonable pay structure for their employees and do not discriminate unlawfully or improperly in respect of employment;
  • To liaise with professional bodies and other organisations to develop, modify and improve techniques and practices.

Product Warranty

Our waterproof/drainage installers are trained, approved and registered installers of several membrane and concrete additive systems. All installations are covered by a guarantee along with a manufacturers’ warranty, where applicable, (subject to specified servicing where necessary).

We are the first and only approved partners of the Kryton Krystol Additive System in the UK.

Combined Guarantees

Should it be required, we can also arrange for a greater level of coverage with a single 10 year insurance backed guarantee covering both the structural and waterproofing work.