Our Service

Abbey Pynford Geo Structures have an extensive range of resources and techniques.

We adopt a flexible approach to each appointment and offer a range of services; we can tailor these to suit the specific demands of the particular client and project under construction. We always strive to ensure that a personalised and comprehensive service is provided thus ensuring value for money is achieved at every stage of the project.

Of all the geostructural engineering operations we undertake; retrofit basements require the greatest concentration and discipline. Our approach enables a dynamic construction methodology and engineering to adapt to unforeseeable conditions encountered on site.

Working with our geotechnical and ground engineering partners we have developed a suite of solutions to enable the construction of basements in London’s most demanding ground conditions. Each project is considered individually against the local soil conditions and a bespoke geostructural solution developed modelling geotechnical and hydrological conditions. Using highly refined design modelling software, we can identify the precise requirements of the structure to accommodate spring effects, hydrostatic uplift, flotation and elastic rebound.

“Big enough to resource your project, small enough to care.”