Pynford Beams

Developed from underpinning techniques; Pynford Beams and frames provide an efficient and economic method of permanent support to replace load bearing elements and achieve large areas of unobstructed space.

Most contractors and engineers have faced the difficulty of installing steelwork frames into existing walls to form openings.  Needling the wall above is disruptive and requires reinstatement, costly access scaffolding and shoring is required and temporary foundations often necessary to support the needles.  These all bring their own increases in the risk to Health and Safety as well as obstruct the installation of new steel work.

Our Pynford Beam technique eliminates the need for needling, temporary foundations or expensive shoring.  Access requirements are minimal and in most instances where reinforced concrete is used, access to only one side of the wall is needed.

We have over 28 years direct experience of installing Pynford Beams and calling upon our proven expertise from our inhouse design team and award winning construction team; we can offer an economic and efficient solution to any space creation requirements.