Project Description

Abbey Pynford were approached by Bellway Homes to solve the heave issues relating to 2 properties on the same development.

One property was to be underpinned using a piled raft underpinning scheme and the other was to be underpinned and re-levelled.

Jacking was achieved by bolting lifting frames to fixings cast into the raft slab at each pile position and by installing Abbey Pynford AutoProps between the frames and jacking tubes protruding from the top of each pile. The jacking operation was carried out in several cycles with the amount of lift individually calculated at each pile position and pre-set into the jacking system so that each part of the building was lifted by the appropriate amount to return the slab to level.


“Two new properties that had suffered heave damage where the rear left hand corner of one property was approximately 120mm lower than the front right. A difficult job well executed by the experienced on site staff”

Nick Tidman – Contracts Manager

Construction Phase Highlights

Tight Squeeze

Installation of the open auger piles inside the living room of the house. The piles are strategically placed inside the foot print of the house and are installed to depths of up to15 meters. The piles are installed using a specialist mini piling rig designed to track through a standard door way.

Getting ready for the lift!

The jacking fames are placed over the piles ready for jacking Adjusting the Abbey Pynford auto props within the jacking frames that are used to lift the new raft slab and the house.

Back to level

After the lift took place the new raft slab has separated from the ground and is now level. Along with the anti heave precautions the house is now protected from potential ground heave. All that left to do is back fill and clear site .