Project Description

Portal stanchions were founded on mass concrete pad foundations on highly shrinkable clay. Damage to the portal frame has developed as a result of clay shrinkage subsidence exacerbated by the moisture demands of adjacent deciduous trees.

Under and around these foundations has become desiccated and reduced in volume and resulted in the pad foundations dropping at stanchion positions.

To rectify the problem Abbey Pynford carried out the following solution:

A. Jack Stanchions back to the correct level

B. Construct a piled raft slab to rear of warehouse capable of supporting warehouse loadings and pick up, stabilise steel stanchions

C. Install anti-heave within the underpinning solution to ensure forces arising from heaving clay are not transmitted to the slab. The supporting 300mm diameter piles were designed to resist have and horizontal forces.

D. Transfer Stanchions loads back onto the piled raft slab

Once these works were completed the structural crack repairs and re decoration works could be completed with the client moving back into and utilising the area.


“Abbey Pynford’s Piled Slab solution successfully solved both the problem with the floor being out of level and resupporting the stanchions that had dropped. The stanchions were able to be braced, jacked up to there original position and cast into the new piled slab quickly with minimal disturbance to the overall structure.”

Daniel Breukelaar, Contracts Manager

Construction Phase Highlights