Project Description

Abbey Pynford Basement Engineering Specialists have recently completed the construction of a basement below a mid-terrace Hampstead property with a 20% programme saving.

The basement was constructed utilising PynWall construction techniques to prop the Party Walls of the property with permanent underpinning as well as resist the load of the adjacent retained soil without extensive temporary propping works.

Once the PynWall underpinning bases had been installed the basement was excavated to depth and the basement slab installed.

The basement was formed using Kryton water resistant concrete additives. The improved workability of which enabled the basement to be completed to Abbey Pynford’s rigorous CQA standards.

The works were completed with an extensively remodeled pumped foul drainage system.

Construction Phase Highlights

To minimise impact upon the local domestic environment, a new hoarding was erected at the front of the site to contain the excavated materials and equipment for the works. The hoarding was maintained at the highest standard throughout the works including the required lighting and barriers required to meet the council’s regulations.

PynWall underpinning bases were constructed beneath the Party Walls of the property and extended beneath the rear garden.

Temporary works designs were created to ensure the upmost safety for our operatives on site.

Once the PynWall underpinning was constructed for the entire perimeter of the site the central area was excavated to formation level and a 50mm thick layer of concrete blinding installed.

A 300mm thick reinforced concrete slab was then formed with the under slab drainage before the Main Contractor took back site for finishing works to commence.